Sunday, March 14, 2010

A fantastic day with Eric

Went out in Eric's boat with Eric and Elizabeth. (No -- I didnt just take Eric's boat and leave Eric behind!)

The day started off windy and choppy, but the wind calmed down and the day was fantastic. Clear, Blue, Warm. Just perfect!!!!

We started at South Arm, near the pidgeon holes, and drifted as we fished. Got a few little flathead, and then Eric got a reasonable Couta on a soft plastic that was at mid depths. Also managed some wrasse and gurnards. Elizabeth got something strong that jumped -- we suspect a salmon.

Eventually we motored to the iron pot and anchored, and Eric threw out the berley pot. A TON of fish suddely appeared at the back of the boat. They looked like some sort of mackerel. And underneath them were couta. I couldnt resist, and got out the fly outfit to try. And all of a sudden all the fish disappeared! It was like a switch had just turned them off. Eric surmises that something large had swum up for a look. I did get a bite off on a fly, but no hookups.

With no action, we went over to Blackmans bay, and got some more flathead and an octopus. Then in and home.

A fantastic day though -- just fantastic. And Elizabeth caught more fish than I did :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Further Brushy Lagoon trials

Managed to sneak out after work. It was bright and sunny with no wind, and the lagoon was packed -- I counted 5 other cars! There was a kayack and two small aluminium dinghies out on the lagoon, with the rest fishing off the bank.

Tried out in the middle near the sunken timber, for 2x small redfin. Moved over to some reeds, and got a bunch of redfin and something larger. The something larger swam into a weed bed and flicked off. Got another 8x small redfin before it got dark and had to head home.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Brushy Lagoon

Tried the outcast fishcat for the first time. Awesome. Though I need a rod holder. 10x small redfin, but the trout were rising near me, so there were fish to be caught! Day was bright and sunny with no wind.

Getting wet with Eric

Eric called, and amongst work stuff we decided to go out for a fish on the Saturday morning. The plan was we would calle ach other at 8:00 am and decide what to do.

I had a tense Friday night (lost my Maharajah wargame), and woke up at 4:00 am on Saturday. After some early morning putzing, I headed down to Erics place, to be there at 8:00 am on the dot. The river was mirror calm - perfect for fishing / boating. I got to Erics, planning to call him and announce I was outside. But shock horror -- I didnt have his phone number in my mobile. And the house looked asleep. No worries -- I went to the end of Kingston beach (a few hundred meters away)and fished off the rocks. Got a follow from a small squid when using a yellow soft plastic.

Eric called, and said he would get the boat out and come around and pick me up, but that the wind was picking up. I walked towards the beach, leaving the rocks. In the 100 meters I walked the wind picked up dramatically. Suddenly you couldnt see the other side of the channel. Eric called to say it was too rough, and we decided to go to the fishing shop, and then down to NW river.

Fishing shop was fun. Eric bought a new life-preserver -- something I need to do too at some point.

Went to NW river. There was a guy fly fishing at the carpark, but he hadnt had much luck. We walked down stream and fished, but no luck. We kept going down and fished the estury. Eric got a descent flathead. The we walked back to the car, picking blackberries. The path went right along the river bank, and Eric joked about what would happen if he fell in. I volunteered that I would make sure his equipment had a good home. Then not 50 yards later, I wasnt paying attention where I placed my feet, and I toppled in. I remember thinking I have a choice how to fall, and twisting my body so my upper body landed on dry land, but the bottom half was soaked.
Like all good fishermen, I had a change of clothes in the car, so I change clothes and we went home. All in all a good days fishing -- lots happened!