Thursday, August 09, 2012

Brushy Lagoon

Ran out to Brushy Lagoon after work.  Got there just as the last car was leaving.  Fished for an hour.  Not a touch.  Not even a redfin!  Water was murky.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012


The plan was simple. Opening day was on Saturday. I would take Monday off, and go for a quiet fish with no one in the way. I snuck off on Saturday morning for a fish as well, and had 3 touches, but no luck. I got to the Tyenna at 6:00 am, and somebody was already there -- they must have parked overnight! I went to the weir, and was fishing happily. Then I heard a car door -- a bunch of fishermen had shown up. What happened to 'move to another spot if some else id there first". So I gave up. On the trip back, there was a car at every pull out!

But I was looking foward to Monday.

On Sunday night it started to rain.


By Monday morning there was snow, and the roads to the highlands were closed.  The rivers were running high and fast.  I gave up going :(