Sunday, September 12, 2010

3 days, 3 locations, 3 big fish

The family were off in Sydney, so got Friday afternoon, Saturday, and Sunday to Fish.

Friday afternoon I went to Brumbies creek. I started off fly fishing. First fly was a wooly bugger, but I soon lost that on a snag. Looking in the fly box, I chose a fancy yellow and black matuka, on the theory that it would never catch a fish, but since I never catch anything in Brumbies that didnt matter, and if I lost it that wouldnt matter either. 10 minutes later I had two trout and was amazed. It was getting dark, so I went back to the car and got a soft plastic. Fishing in the same location, I got a big trout. It would only have weighed 2lb, though was big enough to be a 3 lb fish. It was all head and a skinny body, obviously recovering from spawning. (Its the fish in the pic)

Next day I went to Brush lagoon and set up the fishcat. I rowed up the lagoon, trailing a fly as I went. It was hard rowing, as while the sky was grey (good), the wind was fierce and blowing back down the lagoon. About 1/2 way up I got a nice 2lb brown on the fly -- a green sculpin imitation. I was amazed at no redfin, even though the lake is full of them. And every man and their dog was there looking for the released Salmon. Left about 4 after a good 6 hours of rowing and fishing. Great exercise. And it was nice to get a reasonable fish on the fly.

The Sunday started at Four Springs. This was only my second visit, and like my first visit it was blowing a gale and you couldnt cast a fly or lure. I drove away, but a mile away decided to turn back and at least give it a try. I waded the shore near the boat ramp. The wind was howling onto the shore, and all I could do was wade out as far as I could and cast back towards the shore. Amazingly, and despite lots of wading warnings, this part of the lake had good wading and a gentle slope, so I could get a fair way from the weedy shoreline. Casting into the weeds I got a savage take from a 3lb fish that fought well above its weight. A spectacular fish! No more touches so I gave up at Lunch and went to Brushy Lagoon. The wind was worse their, and I managed one tiny redfin. I headed back to Four Springs and tried the shoreline again, this time going to the right of the boatramp. Got another trout, but this was a small 1/2 pound fish. Finally, as it was getting late I got another savage take from a large fish that broke me off. Called it a day and went home to pack for Sydney the next day.