Monday, August 15, 2005

Season Openner

The plan was to take Michael, who had just moved to Tasmania, to Tooms lake and try it out. I personnaly had never been to Tooms, but it had a great write up in FlyLife. And I NEVER catch anything in Tasmanias lakes -- I think I have caught one fish in 20+ years out of the lakes using a fly -- so a lake listed as a sure thing in FlyLife was definitly a place to try.

Unfortunately, work intervened. I had a phone meeting at 2:00 pm, and a quick check showed Tooms is out of mobile range. So we had to change plans and try the Tyenna.

When we got to the Tyenna it was high and fast chocolate milk. And the rain had set in. At least the wind was blowing accross the valley, so it wasnt too bad. We tried at the weir, with no luck, and went upstream a bit. But given that I had been swept down the Tyenna when a kid, I decided not to wade

After a few hours of no luck, we moved to Meadowbank. No fish there either -- and no sign of fish. We finally had to leave for my phone meeting, but since the weather had changed, we werent too upset!