Monday, January 10, 2011

Learning Fly Fishing and Platypuss spotting

Took Madison, Patrick, and Alex to the Tyenna to spot platypuss and to learn to fly fish.  Got all three casting, and then went to below the salmon farm.  We tried there with soft plastics, and had a few follows.  Then up to Tyenna Rd to catch some small ones.  No luck.  Finally, back to the weir to spot platypuss.  Fish were rising everywhere, and the kids fished excitedly.  Patrick switched to fly, and then Alex.  Patrick ran off with Madison to try the opposite bank.  Alex tied on a white moth, and after some false casts got a trout -- hooked perfectly in the mouth.  His first trout was on the fly, on a dry, on the first day.  It took me a year!