Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Got up at 4:30, on the water by 6, home by 10.  7 fish, plus lost another.  Biggest was 18", and 2x 16".  Lots of activity in the first hour before the sun hit the water.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Goal achieved

One of my Fly fishing goals was a 'bag limit' -- 12 fish over 10 inches -- on the fly.  Finally achieved it on last Monday on the Tyenna.  Got 15 fish -- one was 8", one was 8" and foul hooked.  But the other were legal to much larger.  Biggest landed was 22", with another 3 x 20"+.  For each fish hooked, failed to hook another 2 on the strike.

Also lost two motable fish.  One was easily bigger than the 22" fish.  I had it to the bank, but couldnt land it.  Another was 20"+ foul hooked on a size 16 pheasant tail.  It went airborne about 5 times, took me downstream, and went under a log.  I could touch it, but not get it out.

All fish were on bead headed nymphs -- size 16 with tungsten bead heads was the killer, though the really big one was on a simple possum bead head.