Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tyenna River

Went for a fish with Cameron. A civilised start at 9:00. The river was almost perfect -- clear, low enough to wade, and not cold. We fished the lower reaches near the saw mill. I got one smaller fish on a bead head nymph, and got another strike I missed. Cameron had no luck (an unusual result!)

Then went to the Salmon Ponds for coffee and pancakes. Home by 5. Didnt actually fish that much -- spent a lot of time just catching up.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Low Head

The fishing report in the paper recommended the pilot jetty at low head at night -- stating it was impressive to see the couta / squid under the lights. I was anxious to give it a try, so off I went after work. Got a 40cm couta at 8:00 pm, which was just about low tide. The lights came on then, and suddenly the water was full of toad fish. The wind was high, an nothing else was visible, so left at 9:00 pm. Note to self -- try again in the morning / middle of the night, when the tide is high or at 1/2 tide. Even at low tide the currents were impressive!!!! Didnt see a couta or squid under the lights -- but the number of toadfish was astounding!!!