Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bruny Island

Went to Bruny on the Friday night. It was blowing a gale. A quick trip to the jetty showed it to windy to fish.

The next morning it was still squally. Span off the beach with a metal pilchard for Salmon. Caught 25, plus a tern. All released unharmed. Later got two flathead on the jetty, and saw a dead octopus in the water.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Brushy Lagoon

Brushy Lagoon is a smallish impoundment to the West of Launceston. It took me 50 minutes from office to dam wall to get there -- so its not that convenient for an after work fish.

I got there at 7 pm on a gray rainy day. I rigged up a 5 weight intermediate line with a green woolly bugger and started fishing near the dam wall.

After 10 minutes I had a soft tug, and connected to a small redfin. Some people dont like redfin, but I love the action a school of redfin provide, so I was happy! But there was only one reddy -- normally you get a ton once you find a school. Another 10 minutes later I got another soft tug. I struck gently, so I wouldnt lift the fish out of the water, and someone let a grenade go off at the end of my line! I saw a brief flash of belly -- it was something in the 5lb +/- 2lb range. I suspect it was a stocked atlantic salmon.

Tried the other end of the dam wall, and started connecting regularly with redfin. By this time I had switched to a red and black woolly bugger. I cast the line out and before I could grab the line and start retrieving something big smashed the bugger and broke the line.

Eventually it got dark and the line got tangled, so I put the rod in the car and tried the spinning rod. But the spinning rod kept connecting with weed -- definitely better as a fly water.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Four Springs

Went to Four Springs after work. An interesting lake. But the wind was blowing a gale (as it does on most Tasmanian lakes), so it was virtually unfishable. Used a cobra for 10 minutes and then gave up.

Timed the trip from the office -- it was 40 minutes door to boat ramp.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

North Esk

Fished about 1/2 way up at an angler access point. Got one on a nymph. Calculated the drive in was 40 minutes from Launceston, and I could have got to Brumbies in that time. The spot was very pretty, but I stupidly didnt take a picture.
Saw a black cockatoo and several wallabies, and a flock of wild ducks.