Monday, March 12, 2007

Bicheno Bust

Went to Bicheno for a week. Fished morning and evening. The wind was gale force, but in a different direction each day. The swell was massive. And the fish non existant.

Had to go to St Helen's, and the fishing shop there said the coastal fishing was hard. The better fishing was in Georges Bay. I didnt have the time or a boat to let me fish in the bay, so no luck there.

Finally got a 1m couta on the light plastic rig -- that was a good fight! But for 5 days that was a bust!

Sunday, March 11, 2007


We were chatting with Bob H about finances for our new house. After getting through the details, Bob invited us out on his boat for some squid fishing. I t turns out that he needs an excuse to get out too -- Sheila isnt too keen on going, and doesnt like him going alone. Susan was having a kids free weekend, so I took both kids.

Got to Bob's place at around 9.30 am. Drove down to cremorne and launched his boat -- a smallish twin hull boat with a 40 hp engine. We motored about 300 m offshore and started squid jigging. There werent many tentacled monsters around, so we switched to bait for flathead. Then we started getting squid -- they were on the bottom.

Ended up with a mess of squid and flathead. Susan called right when Alex was bringing in a large squid. She got to hear lots of screaming and laughing on the phone as the squid was squirting and inking all over the place.

Left at 1:00 pm and got home at 3:30 pm after cleaning the catch. We have a mess of squid and flathead in the fridge.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Breaming with a guru

Andrew was a new visitor to the wargames club. Turns out he is a keen bass fisherman too. We got in two early morning hours of bream fishing/ I only had a morning, as I was taking both kids blackberry picking and then overnight at Conningham.

Met at Rosny point at 6:00 am. Andrew showed me a couple of spots -- which was embarrasing, as I grew up on the point! We were tossing soft plastics. We each got 3 or 4 flathead, but no bream. Andrew also showed me a loop knot -- which made the trip more thn worthwhile!

At 8:00 I had to leave. Just as I was about to go a bass boat powered up and started fishing right along the shoreline where we had been fishing. There was a bream tournament, and the pro's knew where the hot spots were. They didnt do better than us, but at least we know we were in the right spot!