Thursday, April 21, 2011

Four Springs

Last night, and the night before, went to Four Springs for the evening.  In both cases skunked.  First night saw a few rising fish as the lake calmed to mirror smooth.  Second night had a fair ripple, but no action, not even a rise!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Four Springs

IT was pissing down.  Even got soaked through my Orvis waterproof jacket -- rain getting in through the air vents and the cuffs.

Lost two (broke off the fly on the strike on both).  Missed one.  Got a 14 / 15" rainbow that ran twice -- fought well above its weight.  Lost the bugger when unhooking it.

Four Springs

A 3 to 4 lber hit the wooly bugger and went airbourne.  The tippet broke, and I lost my last bugger (I left the right fly box at home!)

Spoke to a guy in the car park that lost a massive fish on a mudeye fished just below the surface.  He also recommended a stick caddis.

Leaving the car park there was something on the road.  I stopped and looked.  It was an owl.  It turned its back to me, lifted its tail, and pooped.  Then it flew away.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Four Springs

Left work at 4, on water at 5, dusk at 6.

One brown, 16", on a redfin wooly bugger.